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Welcome to this humble cyberspace site! Enjoy browsing and feel free to share the artworks here as long as you give me a shoutout. ;)

About me

Hello, my name is Amelia but I prefer to be called Amy for short. Living on a ever sunny modern island, Singapore - a tiny dot on the world map. My love for pixel arts started many many years ago and I dabbled in it for a pretty long time, I used to have an old pixel site hosted on (thechocogoodies) blogspot.com. But alias, the image hosting has changed and many of the content is down, I tried to salvage what was left but the artworks here were all I could retrieve back.

I have been wanting to always move to a new site ever since, but just didn't find the time to do so until now. It's been 7 years since I dabbled in pixel arts. My skills are pretty rusty and amateur-ish compared to many but I think its the magic of always enhancing your work no matter how long it takes. I do this mainly to satisfy my love for pixel art. Bwhaha.

Fast forwarding, I'm currently working and provide professional web design services for clients but am heading to get a degree very soon. So wish me luck for the next few years! x_x

Site info

Ametarium is a hobby pixel site showcasing a mix of my past and future artworks. Honestly, there is no constant updates daily as clearly my priorities wane from time to time. (don't blame me for putting real life first).

Producing my little creations in visual form is my pleasure and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much I enjoyed creating them! I'm still all over the internet, but I personally like to keep it private so I don't share my social media links here ;)

You can however, drop me a note if you'd like to!
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